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Counterfeiting in the pharmaceutical industry has a world-wide impact on the general population’s health. Cypheme offers a high-tech anti-counterfeit solution designed to prevent the expansion of this world-wide problem.

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Counterfeiting in Pharmaceuticals

Due to high added value and growing global demand, counterfeiting is rampant in the pharmaceutical industry. Fraud is perpetrated in many forms, from the simple infringement of intellectual property, to the sale of generic products under a different names, to the reuse of packaging or the manufacturing of counterfeit packaging designed to sell faulty or totally different products from those indicated.

It is estimated that over 30% of medicines sold on the African continent are counterfeit. These malpractices not only represent a considerable loss of revenue for the industry, they also cause a loss of confidence in health care providers and systems, and this has dramatic consequences on public health. Counterfeit medicines kill about one million people each year; more than malaria that is.

A tag or label is affixed on the packaging, bottle or other container forms containing medicines; providing a unique and impossible to duplicate fingerprints for each product. A simple photo from the camera of your smartphone makes it possible to recognize this identifier with certainty and confidence within seconds.Authentication can be done via the brand’s or Cypheme’s WeChat and Facebook accounts.

With Our Solution

benefits of cypheme's solution
Minimize revenue loss
benefits of cypheme's solution
Protect consumers against harmful substances

Open up an array of new possibilities

advantages of cypheme's solution
Inform product characteristics
advantages of cypheme's solution
Share personalized content
advantages of cypheme's solution
Offer help with dosage and treatment reminders
advantages of cypheme's solution
Track both genuine and counterfeit products
We will work with you in order to select the most appropriate anti-counterfeit solution according to your needs.

Integrate Cypheme

We will work with you in order to select the most appropriate anti-counterfeit solution which suits your needs.
There are several choices for the location of the tag on the medicine.
how to integrate cypheme on your leaflet
On the Leaflet
how to integrate cypheme on the different layers of your packaging
On the Different Layers of Packagings
how to integrate cypheme on your product
On the Product


Allow Your Customers To Buy Products Safely

Cypheme allows anyone to verify the authenticity of your product, in seconds, by simply taking a picture of the tag with their smartphone. The process does not alter the product in any way, meaning it can be done freely, in the store, before purchase.

Facilitate Customs Clearance Of Your Products

Cypheme makes it possible to verify the authenticity of your product, in seconds, by simply taking a picture of the tag with a smartphone. If a cargo container of your products is stopped at customs for verification, it can be checked simply and quickly.

Make The Authorities’ Job Easier

Cypheme can be reserved for professionals such as doctors, pharmacists, customs, control officers in hospitals, authorities, etc. Thanks to its speed, simplicity and reliability, this unique solution will only enhance their efficiency and simplify their work. For additional security, the Cypheme system can also be deployed via secure devices and thus also be used by third parties.

Comply With Legislation On Traceability

Cypheme perfectly meets the specifications described in relevant articles (depending on the jurisdiction) of the Public Health Code, as well as all the standards in force. It can therefore be used for drug monitoring in accordance with the new legislation introduced in 2017.


Track Your Products To Understand Your Demand

Cypheme allows products to be located in real time when they are scanned. You will know where your customers are and where your products are sold all over the world.

Track Your Products To Identify Counterfeits

Cypheme allows genuine and fake products to be located in real time when they are scanned. You will know where counterfeit products are circulating around the world and how large the counterfeit market is.

Understand Your Supply Chain / Distribution Channel

Cypheme is compatible with any traceability and internet of objects system in order to offer you a reliable tracking of each individual product.


Know Your Customers Better

Cypheme lets you know which individual user is scanning which one of your products. You will be able to differentiate between loyal, repeat or unique customers, as well as identify all of your resellers. In compliance with the GDPR, users of the Cypheme service can also agree to share some data about themselves, such as age or gender, allowing you to identify your audience. Finally, Cypheme makes it possible for your customers to sign up for a number of your services (treatment monitoring, medical monitoring, health survey, etc.). Such a feature will enable you to connect with patients directly.

Increase Brand Awareness & Give Informations

Cypheme allows you to deliver any sort of information directly to patients or medical professionals. Each product is unique and identified as such, meaning that you can push as much information about it as you wish (e.g.: who prescribed this drug, for whom, for what use and for how long and when is its expiry date). You can also transmit information about the product to professionals in the sector such as dosage, prescriptions, contraindications, etc. You can also push more general information about the quality of the product that can be of interest to the patients such as instructions for use (possibly taking into account the prescription of the doctor), expiry date, composition, contraindications etc. In the same way, you can transmit other information to your consumer: consignees (expiry date, composition, contraindications, etc.)

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