Affiliate Program

Welcome to the Cypheme Affiliate Program. Here are all the ressources you need to be a Cypheme Affiliate successfully.
Cypheme Affiliate Program
What is Affiliation?

As an affiliate, your role will be to introduce us to potential customers. In exchange, you get up to 20% of all the revenues from this customer for the first year (for the first 5 million units sold: 20% for the first year, 10% second year, 5% third year. For any units sold above 5 million: 10% for the first year, 5% second year, 2.5% third year. For example a 6 million units per year contract would be 5 million at 20% and 1 million at 10% the first year). Yes you read right: 20% only for an intro!

We have the most generous affiliation program in the entire industry. That’s how much we care about our affiliates. Your role is to organise a meeting, virtual or in person with yourself, us and the customer. From that point on, we’ll take care of the entire selling, production and after sale service - your role ends as soon as the customer is introduced to us. Yep, that’s it.

20% of a potentially massive contract for just an intro meeting. You will be kept in the loop for all actions with this customer of course, also we will sign a contract after each introduction to ensure your interests are protected, but no actions are required on your part after the initial meeting. You may be asked from time to time to assist the Cypheme sales representative, and your help is completely welcome, but it is not mandatory.
I want to sell the products directly myself without introducing the customer to you because this customer is confidential, is it possible?

Anti-counterfeiting is a very complex topic, as you well know, and Artificial Intelligence even more so. So it would take years of training to turn you into a full-fledged Cypheme sales representative. Our solution is complex and the sale cycle is very long. So we insist on closing the deals ourselves, you only need to provide the intro. This might be possible in a future collaboration, but only after at least 3 deals have been closed successfully as an Affiliate.

How can I know more about your technology?

These webinars are the best place to start, they explain almost all you should know about the technology:

How can I know more about your technology?

Where can I get a demo kit ?

As soon as you agree with our terms, we will sign an Affiliation Certificate for you and send you a demo kit (see the section “Next Steps” below). Please contact and specify that you are an Affiliate. She will send you a demonstration kit right away. Don’t forget to provide address, name and phone number.
What presentation should I use?

Making a first demo is a tricky thing, every word counts and each customer needs a tailored demo, which is why when at all possible, you should let us do the first demo (especially the first one). But sometimes customers will require to receive some doc upfront before even agreeing to a meeting, in such a case, you should use this one: ⭐️ Cypheme Public Resources

What is the process to book a meeting with you and a customer ?

First check that the customer is the final user of the technology (not a reseller). I.e. a brand with physical products. Check that they have a real need, meaning that either their product is already being counterfeited or they have a real reason to care about their product security. Also their need should be higher than 100 000 labels per year. Please contact with the customer name and your name. She will check if the requirements are met, and if yes, she will prepare the contract and help you arrange the meeting.

Can I introduce you to other Affiliates?

There are two cases to consider:

    Affiliate Referral

You know a friend who could potentially be interested in becoming an Affiliate? We are happy to receive the introduction and will provide you a referral fee of 25% of all the commissions paid to him for the first year of business. (If we pay him 20 000 Euros because he signed a 100 000 Euro contract for us, you would receive 5 000 Euro referral fee, standard contract to be found here)

   Introduction to a customer through a third party

You know a great client, but don’t have direct access and the contract has to go through a third party?

One of the reasons why our program propose such a high commission of 20%, is because we know you may have to share it with others internally. We encourage you to sign a contract between you and the third party where you agree how to share the commission.

Cypheme will pay you directly and have contractual relationship with you only and you will send the share of the commission to your agent.

In any cases, we will only sign Affiliation Contracts (see the section “Can I sign an Affiliate contract?”) for the introduction to final customers, not intermediaries.

Next Steps

Agree with those terms? Ready to start?

Here’s our Affiliation Certificate, contact and we’ll sign it for you:

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