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When you use Cypheme, you’re joining a league of reputable companies around the world that care deeply about their brand image, the welfare of their customers, and the sustainability of their business.
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“We were confronted with a lot of counterfeitng issues so much that we had no choice than to make use of an anti-counterfeit solution. The first solution we used worked to a point until the counterfeiters once again gained an upperhand. It wasn't until we met Cypheme that we started getting significant wins.”
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“To guarantee the quality of cards for collectors, we have been using the Cypheme solution. Our decision to use the fingerprint tags is because it cannot be duplicated due to its unique chemical composition. Additionally, it gives our collectors an avenue to authenticate cards within seconds.”
“One thing that has impressed us the most about the Cypheme AI solution is that there was this one time where a suspicious activity was caught even before it happened. This singular feat gave us immense belief and confidence in this solution, and we are glad that we took the step to inculcate it in our processes.”
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“We source rare and high quality wines for our clients and they count on us to massage their palates with authenticity. This is the reason why we are using Cypheme's fingerprint labels as a mark of quality for our wine bottles.”
“We started using the Cypheme solution just before the height of the COVID pandemic, and it was such a timely partnership. It grew our clients' confidence in us because they could quickly and easily authenticate our products with the Cypheme stickers.”
“Cypheme has been a strong partner in our fight against the counterfeiting of our medicines. The solution has helped us recover significant revenues. We manufacture and distribute critical medication, and using Cypheme has really helped.”

The Protection of Your Brand is Our #1 priority.
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