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Counterfeiting transcends physical market spaces. Infact, counterfeiters have advanced their trade and are now making significant inroads into online marketplaces (like Amazon, Ebay, Alibaba), and popular social commerce spaces (like Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and many more). They even create fake or cloned websites of original brands which serve as a medium of exchange and divertion for counterfeits and sub-standard goods.

Counterfeiters make it their business to negatively exploit your brand image and products to advance their illicit trades and make profit to your detriment. The advent of eCommerce has made it easy for them to sell both diverted and counterfeits of all types of products online. Cypheme’s online brand protection service proactively helps you locate anywhere on the web where your diverted products, as well as imitations are being sold. This web-based brand protection solution is a complimentary service being powered by a third-party partner.

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cypheme fake product takedown

Fake Product Takedown

Global web spaces are scanned for fakes of your product being sold online. Steps are then taken to have the products removed as soon as practicable.
Fake Website Takedown

Fake Website Takedown

The open and dark web are scanned frequently to detect websites and domains that are taking advantage of your brand - these scans are not done directly, so as not to leave a trail for bad actors. Beyond taking down fakes and clones of your website, we also help to recover domains of yours that may have been taken over by counterfeiters.
spoof mobile app detection

Spoof Mobile App Detection

Rapidly detect spoofed mobile applications in App stores through the use of advanced crawling bots - Automated mechanisms are activated to expunge spoof mobile apps from the various app stores in which they are detected.
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Fake Product Takedown

Fake Websites Takedown

Spoof App Detection

Stop Counterfeiters, Stop Losing Revenue

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Physical Product Protection Solution

Our physical product or brand protection solution is also an industry leader. Our proprietatery AI powered anti-counterfeit solution is the best out there as we protect about a billion individual products across the globe annually.

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