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Cypheme, the best anti-counterfeit solution on the market

It is no news that the counterfeiting nemesis is becoming more rampant and aggressive by the day; According to the United States Department of Treasury, an estimated $70 – $200 million in counterfeit bills are in circulation at any given time. According to a report by the ECC-Net (European Consumer Network), between March and August 2016, 562 cases of counterfeits were reported to the network of European Consumer Centers 1. Most of the goods that were bought in these cases were clothes, shoes, or electronic devices.

Counterfeiting is impacting our lives in ways more than we can even tell. While some may purchase counterfeited goods knowingly because of low price motivations, most consumers are not aware that they are being sold fake products, and sometimes even at the same price point of the original product. There are practically counterfeits for every product one can think of.

Counterfeiting presents a slew of disadvantages to brands, like the loss in the business, ruining of a brand’s image, and depleting trust with its customers. However, counterfeiting can even get fatal when practiced on consumables like food and medicines – thousands of people lose their lives every year owing to fake medicines, foods, and drinks.

The Answer to Counterfeiting Exists

Counterfeiting might be a growing problem, but it is not bereft of solutions. There are various anti-counterfeiting and brand protection solutions available on the market. From RFID tags to QR Codes, Holograms, Rainbow tags, etc., the list goes on. Although some businesses already implement some of these anti-counterfeiting solutions, the inherent flaws of these solutions still make them vulnerable to counterfeiting criminal masterminds. The fact is that most brand protection solutions are easily inimitable or can be tampered with. Thus, it is time for brands to go out and search for more potent and cost-effective solutions.

The Best Solution?

There is a brand protection solution that is cost-effective, easy-to-implement, and is highly accurate- we present you the Cypheme Anti-counterfeit Solution.

The Cypheme solution is revolutionary in numerous ways – It makes use of Noise Print labels which give unique identifications to each product they are affixed on. The labels are infused with special chemicals, which makes them impossible to duplicate or imitate successfully.

The Cypheme solution is powered by an Artificial Intelligence program which helps with fast product authentication (less than 5 seconds). All one needs to simply use their smartphone to take a clear picture of the label on the given product, and a result will be received in less than 5 seconds. This has been possible because of the unique fingerprint labels that can neither be imitated nor reproduced.

Beyond determining the authenticity of products, the technology is also able to geolocate points of use and consequently, the locations of actors engaging the in manufacturing of counterfeit goods.

It is also worthy to note that the Cypheme solution is the only ISO 12931 Qualified anti-counterfeit solution currently on the market.

The Advantages

Quick Verification – The noise print can be used as a label, or it can be printed and integrated on the package of the product. The print can be scanned on the store itself with a simple smartphone. The authenticity of the product can be known on the spot and fake products rejected without purchase.

No App Download Required – Cypheme is unlike other brand protection solutions. It does not require any special mobile application; it works independently with just a smartphone camera. A brand can decide to either make it usable on a customised web app based on their domain, or they can simply integrate it with their Facebook or WeChat pages.

Geo-location – Our solution is equipped to provide 360-degree protection to a brand. Our Proprietary AI while helping to differentiate between original and fake products also provides you with access to a counterfeiting data dashboard that will enable you to monitor the counterfeiting levels and activities, along with the locations of where all of these are happening.

Cost-effectiveness – The Noise Print labels are easy to affix, and they do not need additional security features or layers like blockchain, QR code, etc. to give full and robust protection. Interestingly enough, it is pegged at a lower price point when compared to the others; this makes it affordable for businesses of all sizes.

Benefits of using Cypheme anti-counterfeit solution

Successes So Far

Committed to developing the best technological solutions to put a dent in the global counterfeiting industry, Cypheme has protected hundreds of brands since its inception and saved many lives. Over the years, it has been able to expose counterfeiters across the globe and as many as 18 of them have already been nabbed. The technology is being used across different industries ranging from pharmaceutical to fashion, jewelry, food, beverages, and more. the solution has so far saved over 75,000 lives, eliminated 10 million fake products, and recovered revenue worth about 150 million euros for brands.

Cypheme is emerging as the favorite of brands across the globe who have vouched for its accuracy and precision. In an age when counterfeiters are becoming smarter and tech-savvy beyond the figment of our imagination, the solution to protect brands needs to be equally smart and advanced. That is what makes Cypheme a linchpin for brands who want a solution that is equally tough and efficient.

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