I bought a fake Puffbar by mistake, what can I do to get refunded?

refund for fake puffbar

Puffbar and Cypheme are collaboratively doing everything within our power to stop counterfeits at all levels in the United States. We truly go the extra mile and do much more than most vape brands in the fight against counterfeiters.

In as much as you may get original Puffbars in some shops across the United States, the surest way to get genuine Puffbar vapes is to purchase them on https://puffbar.com/. However, despite our very best efforts to curb the fakes, counterfeits are still being sold in the US.

An original Puffbar product should have the Cypheme Noiseprint label on it, and you are able to verify the authenticity of the Pufffbar product with the Noiseprint label. All you have to do is visit https://puffbar.com/pages/product-verification on your internet browser and simply use the camera of your smartphone to check if it is genuine or not. Any Puffbar product you purchase without the Cypheme Noiseprint label is to be assumed to be fake straight away.

Puffbar Vape with Cypheme Noiseprint label
Puffbar Vape with Cypheme Noiseprint label

But fret not! We got you covered – by the Lanham Trademark Act of 1946 you are entitled to a full refund from the shop who sold you the fake Puffs. Here is the procedure on how to make it happen:

By Federal Law, the shop should refund your full order at first cease and desist order. Such an order can be delivered by email or certified mail with return receipt requested.

Below is a template that you can use to justifiably obtain your refund.

Note of importance : Only the shop can refund you, because when you buy a fake product, neither Puffbar nor Cypheme receives any money (the shop and the counterfeiters do), so we cannot refund you.


To : (SHOP EMAIL ADDRESS) or send to the shop by certified mail with return receipt requested
CC : report-fake-puffs@cypheme.com (e.g. put us in copy of your email)

Email title : Counterfeit Vape Trademark Infringement – Cease and Desist Order

Content :

To whom it may concern.

I (NAME HERE) hereby certify that on the (DATE OF PURCHASE), I bought (NUMBER) counterfeited vape(s) at shop (SHOP NAME) situated at (SHOP ADDRESS) totalling a price of (USD AMOUNT PAID).

Under federal registration laws, the trademark “PUFF BAR” is currently registered with the United States Patent and Trademark Office under the following registration number: 88550952
for Primary Classes:
008: Smokers’ Articles, Not Including Tobacco Products
017: Tobacco Products

The real manufacturer and owner of this trademark confirmed that those vapes are counterfeits.

By the Lanham Trademark Act of 1946 it is illegal to sell counterfeited items in the United States and we therefore demand (1) an immediate and full refund of said products and (2) a report by email report-fake-puffs@cypheme.com with the contact information of the wholesaler who sold them to you as well as the total volume purchased from said wholesaler.

If you fail to comply with the aforementioned demand(s) within 14 days there will be no choice but to pursue all legal causes of action, including the filing of a lawsuit. You are reminded that this letter serves as a pre-suit notice for a lawsuit against you and failing to correct will likely make you liable for any damages the court determines we may have suffered as a result of your infringement which may include health related liabilities.

That being said, we believe that your shop (and most shops in general) acted in good faith and were not aware that those items were fake, and you  should be able to obtain justice.

Should you wish to replace the counterfeited items with genuine products, please contact info@puffbar.com by referencing this email. There are special discounts and fake vs real exchange programs for shops like you who are good faith victims of the counterfeiters.

An amicable response to our requests will be a strong proof of your good faith.


Kindly note that in the event that you do not have access to the shop’s email address, you can send them a hardcopy of the above stated refund request document, and then forward the soft-copy to report-fake-puffs@cypheme.com.

Cypheme fingerprint (Noise Print) label on a Puffbar pack
Cypheme fingerprint (Noise Print) label on a Puffbar pack

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