How U-Earth is Making Use of the Cypheme Solution to Protect their Products

u-earth uses the cypheme solution

U-Earth is a company that specializes in using cutting-edge biotech to naturally destroy contaminants and improve the air the users of their products breathe.

The company recognizes the problem of air pollution currently confronting the world, mostly due to industrial fumes and vehicular emissions. Ironically, this has led to a situation where the air indoors is five times more polluted than the air outdoors. As such, U-Earth products seek to help people breathe in cleaner air and help people in overcoming their allergies and other air related life-threatening situations.

U-Earth Biotech is making a bigger push into international markets and in light of this, the company recently started making use of Cypheme’s AI anti-counterfeit labels to prevent counterfeiters from making fakes and sub-standard imitations of their products. This move is particularly important at this moment as the more internationally a product is exposed, the higher the risk of counterfeiting.

By affixing Cypheme’s tamper-proof labels on their U-Mask and U-Ox products, clients would be able to easily verify the authenticity of the products they are purchasing, and also know which ones to avoid, thus saving consumer lives.

With the outbreak of the coronavirus, U-Earth developed a unique mask type, the U-Mask, to help reduce the contraction and spread of the virus. U-Mask combines a stylish outer layer with a five-layer filter that is made up of an anti-proliferative BioLayer coated with a natural active principle.

picture of u-mask by u-earth
Picture of U-Mask by U-Earth (Photo Credit: U-Earth)

U-Ox is a specific blend of biotech bacteria and enzymes, and it is designed to work with purifiers manufactured by U-Earth. U-Ox is the key element of the company’s technology as it is added to the purifier machines every 30 days to help them with the air purification process – imagine a counterfeited version of this! it would likely create life-threatening situations, thus the decision by U-Earth to make use of Cypheme’s anti-counterfeit solution to safeguard against any such eventualities.

picture of u-ox by u-earth
Picture of U-Ox by U-Earth (Photo Credit: U-Earth)

Cypheme’s tamper-proof Noise Print labels would be affixed on U-Earth’s U-Mask and U-Ox products. Noise Print labels are based on a neural network that is powered by Cypheme’s proprietary artificial intelligence technology.

By having Noise Print labels on U-Mask and U-Ox, U-Earth is empowering consumers to check and validate the authenticity of their products even before they make a purchase. This would go a long way to help protect their customers, products, and brand.

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