Dormakaba makes use of Cypheme’s Noise Print tags to Secure their Floor Spring Product

cypheme's noise print on dormakaba products

Dormakaba, the world leader when it comes to the manufacturing and deployment of smart access solutions such as door hardware, entrance systems, electronic access and data, mechanical key systems, lodging systems, safe locks, among others, is adding another layer of product authenticity to its kitty. The company is making use of Cypheme’s state-of-the-art anti-counterfeit solution to prevent any form of diversions or sub-standard imitations of its products that may occur in the future. This is a step taken by the company to maintain its high-standards, and make it impossible for counterfeiters to even attempt faking its products.

For starters, the company is kicking this off with the protection of its ‘Dorma BTS 65 Floor Spring’ product. The Dormakaba BTS 65 Floor Spring has been engineered to satisfy the special requirements governing floor springs for double action doors.

cypheme label on bts65 from dormakaba
Cypheme label on Dormakaba's BTS65

Dormakaba has invested a lot by way of innovation into this product, a reason why it is applying Cypheme’s AI-powered anti-counterfeit tags to ensure that counterfeiters do not successfully create sub-standard imitations and sell them off to unsuspecting buyers as the real deal.

The BTS 65 gives the buyer optimal value for money, and it comes with a wide range of features to accommodate a number of installation situations, thus making it ultimately adaptable and installation friendly. It also takes into account the needs of an architect by ensuring that it has minimum floor recess dimension, rugged construction for door weight of up to 100kg, and most importantly, that unflinching DORMA quality that their products are widely known for.

Global and high-quality products like the ones produced by Dormakaba are always at the risk of getting counterfeited, this is why progressive companies take proactive steps to ensure that their brands, products, and customers are always well-protected. Companies that stay with the times know that the use of effective technology is the “sure bet” way to stay ahead of counterfeiters, as well as the competition. Therefore, Dormakaba is taking a revolutionary step by employing the use of Cypheme’s AI-powered anti-counterfeit solution to stop counterfeiters in their tracks, and also stay ahead of the market.

Cypheme fingerprint labels are chemically infused with special elements which see to it that each label comes with a unique fingerprint and innate anti-copy properties. The affixation of Cypheme anti-counterfeit tags on the BTS 65 would empower Dormakaba customers with the ability to easily verify the product’s authenticity, by simply taking pictures of the tags with the camera of their smartphones, and the result subsequently made apparent to them in less than 5 seconds.

This collaboration between Dormakaba and Cypheme is one that aims to keep customers’ minds at ease as they are assured of the right value and quality of goods (in this case, BTS 65) purchased. When there is an easy avenue for customers to verify the originality of the products they are acquiring, they tend to repose more confidence in these products and the brands.

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