Cypheme wins ‘Most Innovative Anti-Counterfeit Systems Provider’ Award for 2020!

Cypheme won 2020 ‘most innovative anti-counterfeit systems provider’ award

The award winners for the fifth edition of the APAC Insider Business Awards was released over the weekend, and Cypheme was one of the celebrated recipients.

The APAC Insider Business Awards is an annual event which seeks to recognise and celebrate the very best of businesses and individuals across the Asia Pacific region.

APAC Insider is host to more than one third of the world’s biggest businesses and it is made up of more the 2000 members across the globe: Some of the members are worldwide brands like Toyota, Samsung and the Bank of China.

In the organisation’s award to Cypheme, it acknowledge the endemic problem of counterfeiting across industries and how the last decade in particular has been very crucial in the fight against fake goods due to the astronomical rise in the vice.

The award’s website states that, “over the last decades, the anti-counterfeit sector has been playing industrial catch-up with counterfeiters and failing.

“Today, the Cypheme solution changes the game with ground-breaking results over its years of worldwide deployment.

“The Cypheme technology indeed enabled the Chinese police to launch a crackdown on a nation-wide criminal gang. It also saved 873 lives (and counting). In 2020 it was selected by the EU as one of the 34 most promising European tech companies.”

This award by the APAC Insider is a further testament to the superior workings of the Cypheme technology and how consistency and dedication has seen the company make significant strides and chalked many successes over the last couple of years.

Cypheme’s noiseprint technology remains unique and gives it a competitive edge in the market, as each label comes with unique algorithmic fingerprints that cannot be duplicated, imitated or recreated.

The uniqueness that Cypheme provides the market does not only see to it clients retain millions of Euros in revenue annually, it also helps to track counterfeiters and their distribution network which helps manufacturers get to the roots of their counterfeiting problems.

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