Cypheme to Protect 600 Million Medical Protective and Preventive Equipment from Medihands

cypheme protects medihands

Switzerland based medical supply chain industry leader, Medihands AG, is set to start making use of Cypheme’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) solution to safeguard its products from counterfeiters.  The deal sees to it that every year, 600 million Medical Protective and Preventive Equipment (PPEs) from Medihands would be embossed with anti-counterfeit labels from Cypheme.

Medihands which started operating about 25 years ago has sealed its place as a global leader in the supply of quality medical products, and in the spirit of staying true to this reputation, has taken it a notch further with the Cypheme partnership.

By making use of Cypheme’s proprietary fingerprint anti-counterfeit labels which are backed by a robust neural network technology, Medihands is ensuring that their products get the ultimate protection against counterfeits and substandard imitations.

cypheme label on medihands' masks

Cypheme’s anti-counterfeit labels allow buyers, retailers and distributors to easily verify the authenticity of products through the use of their smartphone cameras; All one has to do is to just simply take a picture of the orange Cypheme label affixed on the product, and a result on the authenticity of the product is availed to them within seconds.

Speaking on this deal, Medihands’ C.E.O, Hans-Jörg Geisen said that, “we always take pride in the quality and reliability of our products and this is what has made us as a market leader. We, however, never rest on our laurels and are always looking for ways to improve our products. That is why we joined forces Cypheme’s anti-counterfeit solutions to take proactive measures against diversions and sub-standard imitations.”

“Aside the anti-counterfeit solution that Cypheme’s technology provides, the company’s label on a product is increasingly getting recognized as a seal of quality and this further informs our decision to go with them,” Hans-Jörg added.

cypheme label on medihands' gloves

Cypheme C.E.O, Hugo Garcia-Cotte, also spoke after the agreement was inked, saying that “we are quite glad that we have been able to finally see this deal through and we are excited about the journey ahead as we get into this partnership with Medihands, a world leader in the medical supply chain market.”

“As a company with a global outlook, we are proud to be associated with Medihands, a company which has led its industry for decades. We are further elated that our technology would be at the fore-front as it secures and authenticates the quality of over half a billion medical supplies annually,” he added.

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