Cypheme Listed as a STATION F 2020 Top 30 Startup!

cypheme top 30 station f company

Paris, December 2020Cypheme, which joined STATION F, the world’s biggest startup campus, in the Thales program in 2019 – is now part of the 2020 edition of STATION F’s Top 30 startups list announced at the beginning of summer. This list, released every year, gathers STATION F’s top performing startups of the year – whether it be achieving growth, securing funding, or getting acquired.

“There are so many startup successes happening at STATION F and it can be hard to keep up. These are the successes we really wanted to highlight, including fundraising, fast growth, acquisition and much more… Keep your eyes on their companies, their teams and their founders”, said Roxanne Varza, STATION F’s Director.

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This year’s Top 30 collectively raised over €67 million, include 3 acquisitions, and a number of diverse teams with female or international founders. They cover all kinds of industries and technologies, including AI, GreenTech, MedTech, FinTech, retail, FoodTech, SaaS and more. Startups are nominated through their programs and are then validated by the STATION F team if the startup respects the community values.

“Being part of Europe’s most prestigious accelerator is an achievement in itself” explains Hugo Garcia-Cotte, CEO of Cypheme. “But being selected as one of the most promising companies out there is incredible. We have worked hard to get where we are. This kind of recognition is validation that we are in the right direction, it also gives us just another nudge to go the extra mile in our fight against counterfeiting.”

This quarter has been a winning streak for Cypheme since the company was also selected as one of just 36 companies to receive European Innovation Council funding for its project on coronavirus last month. Being recognised as one of the most promising companies in Europe is not just validation of Cypheme’s work in the artificial intelligence and deep learning industries, it also highlights the growing importance of the field in Europe’s innovative landscape.

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