BottlesXO Applies Cypheme’s Anti-Counterfeit Solution as it Steps Up the Wine Game

bottlesxo uses cypheme solution

BottlesXO has over the years set itself apart as the go-to platform for lovers of wine, as it focuses on serving the finer things that tingle the palates to wine connoisseurs. The company has taken it upon itself to delight wine lovers with sleek and exciting services… and how does it do this?

As a testament to one of its slogans, “A Bottle Shop in Your Pocket,” BottlesXO provides a reliable App for quality drinks so that their wine loving customers are able to get their favourite bottles wherever they are and whenever they want it; the orders have no minimum purchase capping, and it comes with free delivery.

In the quest to keep providing high quality and premium wine to its customer base, BottlesXO has sort to emboss its bottles with a seal of authenticity. The company being proactive in ensuring that the quality of its wines remains top-notch and uncompromised, turned to the best brand and anti-counterfeit solutions provider, Cypheme.

Cypheme’s Noise Print Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered anti-counterfeit labels are being used to secure every wine bottle that BottlesXO sends out. This is a strategic move to help stop counterfeiters in their tracks, and also see to it that consumers remain confident in the bottles they order.

The Noise Print label from Cypheme spots an orange circle with a fingerprint-like series of black designs in the middle. With this label on wine bottles, consumers are able to verify the authenticity and quality of the wine they are purchasing by simply taking a picture of the label with the camera of their smartphones, they are then instantly provided with the result from Cypheme’s anti-counterfeit solution system which lets them know if the wine bottle is genuinely from BottlesXO or not.

image of an authenticated drink
Image of an authenticated drink

This system of authenticity verification is made possible because the Noise Print label affixed on the wine bottle makes use of an advanced set of algorithms which are powered by an artificial neural network.

Winery is an industry sector that is constantly under the attack of counterfeiters, and BottlesXO being a technologically adept enterprise has chosen to protect their bottles and brand with a proven active anti-counterfeit solution.

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