Cypheme Vapes & Cannabis Protection Technology

Vapes & Cannabis Protection to Increase Your Sales

Total Sales Increase
Fakes Removed

Our AI Anti-Counterfeit Technology has helped our vapes and cannabis manufacturing clients remove more than 90% of their product imitations from markets.

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How It Works

Detect Fakes in Less than 5 Seconds!
Simply with the Camera of Your Smartphone

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We provide brands with algorithm powered labels which are supported by our robust Artificial Intelligence (AI), helping to verify a product’s authenticity in seconds! This is made possible because of our unique fingerprint labels that cannot be copied or reproduced.


Eliminate Fake Vapes & Cannabis Products

We have a proven track record in the vaping and cannabis industry as we have assited some notable brands in taking back their market share from counterfeiters.

Low Implementation Cost

Our solution is easy to implement, and it needs no other security features, layers or complicated supply chain software.

Counterfeiting Data Dashboard

You are able to easily access a counterfeiting dashboard which helps you to monitor and locate counterfeiting attacks.


Our Noise Print tags or labels can be easily integrated in your existing packaging. We alreasy have them in ideal sizes, but you still get to make inputs into the final outlook.

How can Your Customers Use it?

Your customers can easily tell your real product from the fakes by taking a picture of our label on your product with the camera of their smartphones - and voila! They get the result in less than 5 seconds!

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Cypheme Protection Technology

Vapes & Cannabis Protection

We are the leading vape and cannabis anti-counterfeit solutions provider with millions of products protected worldwide. We have also assisted brands to recover revenues exceeding €150 million to date.

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Cypheme Protection Technology

Vapes & Cannabis Protection to Increase Your Sales

Detect Fakes in Less than 5 Seconds

Simply with your smartphone camera
Fool-Proof Protection

Defending Your Brand Value

In a world where counterfeit products threaten both consumer safety and brand reputation, Cypheme emerges as the ultimate defender of authenticity in the vaping and cannabis industries. Leveraging the power of cutting-edge AI technology, Cypheme provides a fool-proof anti-fake solution that safeguards businesses and consumers alike.

100% Anti-Counterfeit Shield

AI-Powered Protection

An Artificial Neural Network with an Unbeatable Track Record

Vape image for Revolutionary Approach

Revolutionary Approach

At Cypheme, we recognize the critical importance of maintaining the integrity of products in industries that directly impact consumer health and well-being. Our state-of-the-art AI-driven solution redefines the battle against counterfeits, offering a level of security that was previously thought to be unattainable.

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Unmatched Protection

Our tech uses image recognition, machine learning, and neural networks to guard against counterfeit vaping and cannabis products. Each item gets a unique, invisible code via fingerprint stickers. Consumers and businesses can verify products instantly with their smartphone cameras even before purchase is made.

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Map for impressive results of Cypheme's solution

Impressive Results

The impact of Cypheme's solution speaks volumes about its effectiveness. To date, we have enabled companies to recover over 150 million Euros in revenue that would have otherwise been lost to counterfeit products. Furthermore, our technology has successfully identified and removed over 10 million fake products from markets worldwide, safeguarding consumers from potentially harmful imitations.

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Safeguard Your Brand & Recover Revenue

What makes Cypheme protection better than everything?

At Cypheme, our obsession is to make sure that you win by helping you protect products and recover your revenue, while also ensuring that the counterfeiting menace is eradicated. This is why we are availing you with the best anti-counterfeit solution you can think of - Counterfeiters are not sleeping, neither are we.

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Innovative Technology

AI-driven solution ahead of counterfeiters, adapting to new  techniques to provide enduring protection.

Global Reach

Worldwide presence, Cypheme's solution spans across borders to combat counterfeits on a global scale.

Industry Leadership

As leaders in the field, we've set the benchmark for anti-counterfeit solutions in the vaping and cannabis industries.

Proven Success

Impressive recovery of revenue and removal of counterfeit products underscore the real-world impact of Cypheme's technology.


Why Cypheme Protection?

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Protect Your Customers

Join the Fight Against Counterfeits

In a landscape where counterfeit products threaten not only profits but lives, Cypheme's advanced AI technology is your shield. Partner with us to create an industry that thrives on authenticity, safety, and trust. Together, we can eliminate counterfeits and forge a path towards a more secure future.